Anyone who is looking for non-profit jobs knows the competition can be stiff. Especially if you are at the executive level and looking for a more highly paid position.

There is a way to find the top non-profit jobs online, however, and it is a way many people simply do not use. 

Use a private non-profit jobs board -- There are many non-profit job boards online that anyone can access and then apply for jobs via it. That means competition is stiff, and it is rare you will be offered an interview for a job let alone actually be offered one.

This is why you should use a private non-profit job board. If you do, your competition for each job will be limited, and your chances of being offered one will be much higher.

How to use a private non-profit job board -- Private boards that have listings of non-profit jobs require you to register an account and upload a profile before you can get access to their jobs.

Even then, they do not allow you to see a list of jobs, but instead only send you jobs that match your profile information or the specific requirements employers need.

This means, instead of a job listing being seen by 3,000 people as it is on a public non-profit job board, these non-profit jobs are only seen by a handful of potential applicants.

How to apply for a job through a private non-profit job board -- Applying for one of these non-profit jobs is easy as well.

Just check the box that says you want your resume and profile to be sent to the employer looking for a new employee, and the site does all the work for you.

Then all you have to do is wait to see if the employer wants to interview you.