Why work at Non-Profits

There are an infinite number of companies and organizations that you can work for. Non-profit organizations are only one of many options out there. If you decide to work for a non-profit there are several unique benefits of doing so that aren’t always well understood. Be aware that high pay is not commonly associated with working at a non profit, though the pay isn’t so bad either. They have to pay a living wage for employees and compete with for-profits for the same individuals.

Sense of Duty and Worth

Some people decide to join non profits due to the strong sense of self worth they gain from helping others. While all non-profits are not equal, some certainly do their part in making the lives of others better. Working for one of these organizations can make you feel better about yourself and enact real change In the world. The sense of doing good and helping others is particularly important for some people and makes a real difference in attracting top talent who may not be so worried about financial matters.

Gaining Valuable Experience Quickly 

Many non profits are smaller sized companies and their employees need to wear many hats to succeed in the company. Many employees gain a lot of experience quickly in non profits and the experience that they gain can last them a lifetime of future success. Experience and responsibilities come faster at non profits, even larger ones, than it does at for profit businesses.

Flexible Work Hours

More so than at other jobs, many non profits offer more flexible work hours that are helpful for mothers and those with families. Part time work hours are particularly useful for working parents and non profits offer some of the most flexible arrangement options for those trying to fit work and their personal life in a manageable way.

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